A Model 4 Hire
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Submissions Guidline

Apart from following these guidelines given please make sure you follow these simple rules

  • Please only add links that are model, studio, photographic or this directory related. Any other links will be removed.
  • Sites must be in ENGLISH
  • Never submit a site that is under construction or is about to launch. Make sure your site is fully operational before you have it submitted.
  • Do not submit sites that have no content.
  • This directory don’t accept sites having just one page. It is preferable for your site to have a few pages.
  • Your site should have a substantial amount of content and not be full of affiliate links or contain just ads all over.
  • We do not accept sites with ‘mirror content’, i.e. sites having the same content but different domains.
  • We do not accept sites that include adult content, including pornography.
  • We do not accept sites involved in the distribution of copyrighted materials.
  • We do not accept sites involved selling pharmaceutical drugs.
  • You will not get a refund of any monies paid if your submission does not meet the required guidlines.
  • By submiting your site you agree to abide by our submission guidlines.

So be careful and try and stick as close to the guidelines as possible.

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